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Ramesh Sood
Trainer/ Coach


I had been invited to a Management Institute for an event. Two students had picked me up from my residence. After exchanging greeting, one of them asked,

” Sir, will it be OK if I talk to you on something very important for me and seek your advice.”

“Go ahead.”

“I am undergoing dual specialization in MBA – Finance & Marketing. I am confused what should I choose to make a career?”

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to go for Finance.”

“Then who is stopping you?”

“Sir, I am told that marketing will suit me a lot.”

“Who has told?”

“My friends, sir.”

“Based on what?”

“Their knowledge and experience.”

“Or is it feelings? Is their knowledge or experience different than yours? Are they exposed to much greater things or have they already achieved what you are yet to?”

‘No, Sir, they are just like me.”

“Then how can they know better than you? Think about it. Seek advice from those who are already there from those fields.”

He sat quietly for some time and smiled and said,”Thanks a lot, Sir! I understand.”

Often, we seek advice from those with whom we are comfortable, and who may not be actually capable. They tend to give advice more from their feelings , emotions and perceptions. We need to be careful. Sometimes such inputs are life changing.


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Ramesh Sood

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